9 Worst UX Mistakes You Must Avoid

1. Concentrating More on Background Image Instead of Content

Utilizing a full foundation picture is a well-known pattern in the website composition industry. Be that as it may, some website proprietors don’t comprehend the idea of utilizing foundation picture to feature the substance over the overlay and draw consideration.

There are numerous websites I ran over where my eyes in a flash go to the foundation picture, yet I didn’t locate any substance over the overlap, and I needed to look down to get the data about the websites.

These websites obviously neglected to utilize the viability of foundation picture.
An ideal foundation ought not to catch an excess of the eye. Rather, the fundamental title and the content of the website should catch the eye. Give me a chance to demonstrate to you an ideal precedent from Skype and their website has the correct harmony between the substance and special visualization.

2. Too Many Form Fields

Another normal error huge amount of websites make is by keeping such a large number of fields into the structures. Regardless of whether you go through the structure to sign or to contact with you, no one loves rounding out long structures. Having an excessive number of fields into the structures can execute your website transformations.

In this way, when planning the structures include just the most significant fields that are extremely vital. Wiping out superfluous fields can fundamentally support your transformation rate.

3. Having Too Much Text

Chartbeat found 55% website guests go through under 15 seconds on a page. Most of the web guests simply look through the visual cues and striking writings instead of perusing long passages.

On the off chance that you include an excess of content your website, the greater part of the general population won’t try to peruse a major lump of content. Thus, here toning it down would be ideal as long as your substance can pass on the expected message to the gathering of people.

Individuals like visuals and they are substantially more drawn in with visuals. When structuring, remember not to over-burden the page with an excess of content and offer some visual substance like eye-catching pictures, video clippings and infographics.

4. Not Being Responsive

Responsiveness enables websites to change designs as per the guest’s screen goals, regardless of whether on an advanced mobile phone, tablet or work area. It guarantees that a website looks flawless from all gadget.

These days, such huge numbers of individuals are perusing websites from cell phones and tablets.
The number of individuals utilizing cell phones surpassed individuals on personal computers in 2014. – Jim Edwards, Business Insider, April 2014.

On the off chance that your website isn’t responsive, at that point, individuals will discover your website broken, and they will leave your webpage with awful user experience.
Subsequently, you have to ensure that your website is responsive with the goal that individuals can utilize it independent of the gadgets they use.

5. Absence of Breathing Space

Another real oversight a website design company make is setting such a large number of components in a solitary page. Having such a large number of components in a solitary page implies more components contending to draw consideration.

The best arrangement is keeping some breathing space featuring something significant like your invitation to take action catches, structure or item picture, and so forth. Having a lot of breathing space or blank area in your website controls your gathering of people thoughtfulness regarding the most significant segments.

In the event that you don’t leave enough void area, at that point, your potential crowd may miss the most significant data.

At the point when a website strikes the correct parity of breathing space, it’s a lot simpler for the guests to process with it.

6. Low Contrast

Low difference has turned into a pattern nowadays, however, in the event that can’t do that appropriately, you can have extreme issues. Having a low difference in a website can make it harder for the guests to peruse the substance.

Along these lines, you ought not to utilize low shading complexity in the primary body of content as this will make message exceptionally difficult to peruse for a portion of your users. In primary content, the difference ought to be ideal.

In the event that despite everything, you need to go with the low difference, at that point pick the textual style admirably so your guests can peruse your substance effectively.

7. Moderate Page Loading Speed

The dominant part of the web guests hopes to stack a page inside three to four seconds. On the off chance that a site page takes more than of that to stack, it implies that the guests are having the awful user experience.

A deferral in stacking item portrayal and pictures or moderate checkout process prompts immense ricochet rate.

Aberdeen Group considers found that one moment delay in page load time approaches 11% less site hits, 16% reduction in consumer loyalty, and 7% fewer changes.

In addition, moderate stacking speed has a negative effect on web crawler positioning.
In this way, to offer better user experience you have to ensure that your stacking speed is under 3 seconds. Here are not many tips you can pursue quicker stacking:

• Optimize your pictures
• Reduce diverts
• Don’t utilize an excessive number of modules
• Minimize HTTP Requests
• Reduce server reaction time

8. No Clear Call to Action (CTA) Button

Each website has a specific objective, and in the event that you have a website, I am certain you have a specific objective as well.

Regardless of whether you need your guests to join, make a buy, demand a statement, or essentially call you and it’s imperative to tell your group of onlookers what you need them to do.

Your CTA catch is the thing that tells the guests what move they should make on your website.
I ran over numerous websites with no unmistakable invitation to take action catch. Your CTA catch should emerge from the remainder of the page and make it simple for the guests to make your ideal move.

9. Making a Visual Clutter with Lot of Fonts and Colors

An ideal structure isn’t tied in with utilizing an assortment of textual styles and hues. The ideal mix of hues and text styles make a website engaging. A few designers utilize such a large number of text styles and hues while planning a website which really makes a website mess.

As a job of thumb, you ought not to utilize multiple hues in your plan and utilize just a couple of steady textual style all through the website. Never utilize too complex text styles that make intense for brisk initially perusing.