3 Helpful Design Tips that Will Help Turn Your Hotel’s Website into a Potent Business Tool for 2018

Any business entity should always focus on the things that will improve their customers’ experience. That is especially true when it comes to the hotel industry since the very notion of the business relies on improving the ties between the business and the customer.

That being said, how will you improve your already-established website so that it entices more customers to come to your website? Here are some helpful tips:


  • The Use of GDD (Growth-Driven Design)


Any website owner or website developer nowadays, especially those that make use of websites as their business and marketing platforms, should base their site’s aesthetics and functionality from analytical data.

Thanks to modern technology, there is certain analytics that allows you to collect important information so that you can do things accordingly.

The GDD actually has two development phases. Phase 1 is centered around strategy, research, and launch. This is the phase where the hotel owner must think about the customer- their needs and wants- so that they can deliver the things that they truly want.

Phase 2 is more about the cycle. It involves everything that was planned during phase 1 and it is continually being evaluated until you come up with a set of features that will improve the experience of your customers.

To help you with phase 1, you must first understand the demographics of people who frequently visit your hotel. Are they tourists who are looking to see the local scenery or are they mostly businessmen who want to get a function room for a couple of days for seminars and meetings?

Once you’ve come up with a solution that caters to your main audience, make sure that your website can be optimally viewed on both mobile and desktop devices.


  • Use a Marketing Platform like HubSpot


Businesses should be familiar with HubSpot by now, but for those of you who are not, basically, this is just a marketing platform that has amazing tools that help facilitate inbound strategies, report user behavior, personalize content based on data-driven measures, and many more.

You can hire an agency that makes use of this marketing platform if you lack the manpower to handle the suite.


  • Only Study the Data that Matters


You can use different analytics tools that will provide you with a lot of essential information so that you can design a website that entices new and old customers alike.

To be able to do that, you must use different tools other than Google Analytics. As much as I want the aforementioned tool; it doesn’t offer all of the information that you need.

Sure, there is plenty of data that can be had, but only focus on the metrics that will improve your business such as CTAs, content, placements, among other things.

Aside from using different analytics tools, perhaps using social media to launch your marketing campaign can also improve your marketing efforts as well.